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Your screen is private on My V-Room4Good and is NOT VISIBLE to anyone else

We at Bloqs4Good want to lead a new revolution in technology, one based on humanistic values, where integrity, transparency, trust, and respect are the basis for everything we build and share.

The future of tech will belong to those who want to work with their clients and consumers in a transparent way, allowing them to be part of any changes that may impact them. We promise to always consult you on changes which may affect your personal experience.

We built My V-Room4Good during the #Coronavirus crisis. As consumers, we tested various products, but none of them offered an adequate level of security and privacy, so our team decided to develop our own solution. After we had successfully used it with our customers, they asked us to share it with them.

Bloqs4Good is democratizing the access to #Decentralized tech, helping SME’s be part of the next revolution in technology. Affordability and access are important to us.

Cybersecurity is but one aspect of our company, the most important value we can offer you is respect. We respect an individual’s right to privacy. Your information and DATA belong to you and how it is handled should always remain in your hands.

We care about your Privacy

No Data Profiling

No Location Tracking

End-to-End Encryption

Digital Responsibility

Friend's Testimonials

We at Bloqs4Good are very privileged to have friends and collaborators across the world who help us develop new ideas and are always there to test. If you would like to be one of our ambassadors and help us test, and represent our brand, please send us an email to

[email protected]

My first-time using My V-Room4Good was on a call from my iPhone in my Jeep. The quality of the video and voice was impressive. I have had challenges before with other existing similar services, but My V-Room4Good certainly delivered above my expectations.

Denise Dow Picture

Denise Dow

CEO - Strong and Free Emblem Inc.

I have found the My V-Room4Good Teleconferencing application invaluable in communicating with my clients in Asia, Canada, Europe, and the USA. It is easy to use, totally secure, and ensures that all of our user data remains completely confidential.

Neil Black Picture

Neil Black

Founder and President - Envirofresh

We have been using My V-Room4Good for client meetings and have found it to be an excellent tool. We had been using Zoom and I would find that I would either get kicked off or freeze every few minutes- it was difficult to conduct meetings or client sessions. Since using My V-Room4Good, I have not experienced any of those problems at all and I have actually had clients who have asked to switch over to my conference system rather than using theirs due to the reliability.

Laurissa Manning Picture

Laurissa Manning

Operations - Imaginal Ventures

I never felt the full force of cybersecurity weakness until I found myself in a videocall meeting which had nothing to do with me. Completely exposed to someone else’s business discussions. I left as quickly as I could. Sometimes we think we understand the dangers of DATA breaches and how weak our personal protections are, we do not, until we are violated. My V-Room4Good is a breath of innovative fresh air in a landscape polluted by tech that has no respect for an individual’s right to privacy.

Joey Adler Picture

Joey Adler

CEO - Dept. of Good

I have been selling complex technology solutions with the main focus on cybersecurity for many years. What impressed me most when I met My V-Room4Good, was the simplicity - accessing with just a link - and encrypted data. There are many options on the market and remote workers are a reality now, however, the great value I see here is the collaboration suites, which are available to anyone.

Roberto Moreno Picture

Roberto Moreno

Regional Sales Manager SOLA - Netskope

Working with Bloqs4Good on many projects I was thrilled that they produced this necessary solution. My experience with this is an important change in how our DATA is managed.

Francisco Cruz Picture

Francisco Cruz

CEO - Celtavia

my V-Room4Good Prices

The cost of My V-Room4Good is based on giving you the best value for the price. We know that there are free solutions, that is not why we built My V-Room4Good. Inflating our value with users so we can sell their DATA is not what we believe in. Give us a chance, to show you that our user experience is seamless and great, with multiple features that will help you conduct meetings in an efficient, secure and positive way.


Personal Yearly


Per year + Taxes
  • 30 Days Free
  • Includes Personal Monthly
  • Meeting Duration Limit is 12 hrs
  • Money-back Guaranteed within the first 30 days
  • One Host up to 100 Participants
  • Special Discounts on Add-ons
  • SSO Multiple Regions
  • 2nd + years deals
  • Account Recovery Support
  • Discounts on Advanced Support



On Demand
  • Get a Quote
  • Choose your Region
  • Call Outbound
  • Native Integrations with 3rd Apps and Platforms
  • Vanity URL, Custom Branding
  • Custom Rooms for Events
  • Live Streaming, Recording
  • Multiple Rooms Per Host
  • Compliance HIPAA, GDPR others
  • Token Economy

Communicate with Us

When you wish to communicate with us or you have any questions please send us an email and we will be very happy to schedule a demo or answer any of your questions.